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A DIY mortgage is a bit like selling a house without an estate agent.   You can do it, but it is a-lot easier using the services of a professional who does it every day and understands the ins and outs of the process. The bureaucracy and paperwork can be daunting but the good news is that many mortgage brokers won't charge you directly. Their fees are paid by commissions earned for placing the business, although these have been cut back sharply so some may charge a fee of say, €500 or so, for the work involved which includes sourcing suitable lenders, preparing and processing the paperwork and managing the loan from application to completion. I would consider it money well spent in the context of the cost of the mortgage - very often a good broker will cut your costs in other areas and end up paying for him/herself. The vital thing though is that the broker is independent and not tied to any one institution. You want a full range of options, so make that your first question. Source: Irish Independent, Sinead Ryan answers your questions, 27th June 2014