Self Employed Life and Protection Cover

For any person managing their own business, there are important questions that need to be considered as part of normal business planning • Will I be able to pass my business on to my children intact without it being ravaged by tax? • How will my family survive financially in the event of my sudden death? • How would the business survive in the event of my sudden death? • What would happen to my income in the event of a long-term absence from work due to illness? What would you like to happen? What plans have you made to ensure your hopes are likely to be realised? Each individuals circumstances will determine which business protection option meets their needs, but whichever route you chose, all it’s really about is putting life cover in place to ensure that the necessary funds will end up in the right hands at the right time, in both a cost efficient and a tax efficient manner. We Finance can help you, and your business, to plan for the future. Whether it is succession planning, providing financial security for dependents, or ensuring the survival and continuity of your business in the event of your death, we can offer solutions to meet your needs.