Business Protection Insurance

Ensuring the survival of your business, either when you pass it on to your children, or in the event of a partner dying, requires careful planning.  In addition Gift or Inheritance Tax Planning allows you to plan in advance for any tax liability which could arise on the transfer of a business, thus ensuring the business won’t have to be sold off to pay the tax debts.



Self Employed Life and Protection Cover

If you’re self- employed, it’s probably time to think about life, making your own choices and decisions, and the rewards that brings; personally and financially.

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Business Partner / Shareholder Protection Insurance

Have you thought about what happens in your business if your business partner dies suddenly of if your business partner was too ill to work.

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Key Person Insurance

Many businesses rely on a few individuals who perform key roles in your company.  The loss of any one of them could be a real threat to the financial stability of your business.

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